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I have just installed Debian Linux 2 and xemacs20 and emacs19
with all the necessary files ( I think ). The emacs works fine
with auctex, but the xemacs seems to go into latex
mode but the menu items don't appear. ( I have installed the
same thing on my home computer and it works fine ). Clearly
I am missing something, but I have gone through all the files
necessary according to Packages, and everything is installed.
How do I debug this to find out what's wrong? When I call
up a .tex file the menu changes from the usual Elisp file
menus, but it is not the menu items which appear on the emacs19
when is run ( LaTeX, Command etc ). dpkg -C does not show that
anything is broken.

Will be grateful for any help.


Sebastian Canagaratna
Department of Chemistry
Ohio Northern University
Ada, OH 45810 

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