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gimp error

I installed gimpk 1.0.0-1 and gtk 0.0.2-1 using dselect on hamm but 
I got this message when I start gimp:
 ** WARNING **: file gdkfont.c: line 115 (gdk_font_ref): "font != NULL"
 ** WARNING **: file gdkfont.c: line 177 (gdk_font_equal): "fonta != NULL"
 ** WARNING **: file gdkfont.c: line 115 (gdk_font_ref): "font != NULL"
 gimp fatal error: sigsegv caught
 [n]othing, [e]xit, [s]tack trace, [a]ttach to process: a

However, I could run gimp remotely. I thought my X-server does not have
enough font installed. So I installed all font packages can be found in
but gimp still give the same complaints. X always complain that it can not
Adobe Helvetica font when it starts. 

What is wrong and how can I correct it? Please reply to my email address
I have been trying unsuccessfully to subscribe to debian-user list.


Suryani Lim 
Department of Psychology          
University of Melbourne           
Parkville, Victoria 3052

Email: s.lim@psych.unimelb.edu.au
Phone: +61 3 9344 4454
Fax:   +61 3 9347 6618

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