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Re: SVGATextMode! (was Re: Console mode with >80x24 possible?

> SVGATextMode has more advantages over vga= option:
> * You can choose from dozens of textmodes, for example 100x37 is nice here.
>   vga= only allows three (I think).
> * You can design your own text modes if you have special needs (for example
>   visually impaired can choose 40x20. Linux is just great.)

I spent an hour or so looking at SVGATextMode, and it *appears* that it
won't work with my NeoMagic laptop.  Someone please correct me if I'm

(The NeoMagic has a clock rate of up to 40, and this is needed for
denser screen layouts.  But since it doesn't know about NeoMagic chips,
SVGATextMode can only assume the standard VGA speed around 28 and so
barfs.  At least, that's my naive reading.)

--Eric House

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