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Re: Compatability with Windows-only programs


> I am thinking about changing over to Linux, but I am worried about 
> the time and money necessary for the changeover.  

I have recently moved my whole business to Linux. I keep 1 machine with the
abilty to boot into Windows 95 for my kids to play games and I keep one machine
able to boot into Windows NT for the few windows apps I still need (delphi 3 and
Powerdesigner and SQL Anywhere) . To make the initial switch easy these machines
use boot floppies for Linux so I did not need to modify the windows setup's at
all. You can get dual boot working but I preferred not to. You will also need to
either put extra disks in or use a tool such as Partition Magic to re-organise
your disks to make space for Linux.

Only simple hardware a Linux installation seems to be much quicker than a
windows NT installation. (especially after the first time).  But by testing on a
spare machine or by using boot floppies you can get going with Linux without
affecting your product ive use of the machine. 

Obviously before changing partitions or installing linux you will have made and
tested a full backup.

> Specifically, I am 
> worried about my many Windows-only programs, and the time and cost of 
> changing to Linux alternatives.

I would suggest you visit some of the linux webs sites and look for the
applications first. For example I have a full-time Java developer and I have
setup his machine so he is very productive and have only had to buy once
software package (Visual Slick Edit - a wonderful editor).

You could start by listing the applications you use and asking for Linux
suggestions here.


David Warnock
Sundayta Ltd

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