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Re: Compatability with Windows-only programs

On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Jesse W wrote:

> 	I am thinking about changing over to Linux, but I am worried about 
> the time and money necessary for the changeover.  Specifically, I am 
> worried about my many Windows-only programs, and the time and cost of 
> changing to Linux alternatives.

Money is really a non-issue, since you can get most everything you need
for free.

However, if you're a newbie to Linux/Unix, time could very well be a major
issue. There's a very steep learning curve, although this is becoming less
and less of an issue.

As has been said elsewhere, Linux is not quite ready for the masses, this
year. But next year....

The basic installation is for most people fairly quick and painless. If
you have a fast network connection (T1,etc) or a Debian CD, you can do the
basic install in an hour or so if all goes well.

At any rate, I suggest you try it.

Kent West
KC5ENO - Amateur Radio: When all else fails.
Linux - Finally! A real OS for the Intel PC!

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