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Re: Network-card unoprational

Stephan Engelke <am3a010@math.uni-hamburg.de> writes:

> Hi everyone,
> after installing Debian 2.0 on my system I am facing the following problem:
> whenever I use a 2.1.x-Kernel the network-card driver module for my 
> 3Com 3c509B (ISA, irq=15, iobase=0x210) will not load. The driver error message
> is a repeated "device or resource busy". 
> Whenever  I use a self-compiled 2.0.x-kernel the card initializes and runs
> fine, but now X-windows will not start anymore ;-) I don't get any error
> messages in this case.
> Everything works fine with the default kernel that came with the system.  
> I rather like (and need) the autofs feature and the "vold"-package.

I think, your card can't work with IRQ 15, because thist resource is
used by the system (IDE I think). Try different IRQ's. Is it a
PnP-Card? Then configure it with isapnp.

To your kernel-problem: did you compile it with egcs? It's a common
problem, that X won't work then. Compile your kernel with the gcc
2.7.2.x, then it will work (hopefully).

Greetings, Christoph

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