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On Sun, 25 Oct 1998, Cristov Russell wrote:

> According to the SB AWE how-to, since I have a PNP card I must load support
> as a module.  Does this mean I do not have to recompile the kernel; I only
> have to build a module for sound or in order to use the module I will need
> to build I must recompile the kernel.  BTW - I'm a little intimidated about
> recompiling at this point.  I've read several references on how to do it but
> it still seems daunting.

Chances are, you will have to recompile your kernel. I don't know of any
other way to compile modules. It's something that you should get used to
anyways. Just make sure that you have a boot disk around (like the Debian
rescue disk). To make life easier, use either 'make menuconfig' or 'make
xconfig' instead of 'make config'.

> Also, at the end of the section that explains the modification of the
> isapnp.conf he writes:
> If you have a Debian system, no further adjustments are necessary.  isapnp
> will be started at boot time in /etc/init.d/boot with this snippet of script
> code...
> I don't have a boot file in /etc/init.d/.  Should I make one or should the
> script be placed elsewhere?  I do have a isapnp in /etc/init.d/ that matches
> the how-to exactly.

Don't worry about the lack of that file. It threw me off at first, but I
trusted the guy who wrote the howto. Sure enough, he was right.

I have an SB AWE64 here, and I followed the steps in that howto, and had
sound up and running within an hour, including recompiling my kernel.

Have fun...

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