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Re: apt-get still won't work with local cdrom

On 22 Oct 1998q, John Forest wrote:
> I might be totally wrong, flame me if I am, but...
> I upgraded my kernel to 2.0.34 and somehow I was able to 'look' at joilet type
> cd's.  Before the upgrade the links did not show.  This presented me with
> similar problems.
> So, perhaps you could upgrade to a newer kernel and it might resolve itself.

I'm using 2.0.35

> If not....   alternate solution:
> 1- take a look with zless at /cdrom/debian/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz
>    Each package is listed with a "Filename: " entry.
>    This is partly the path apt will be looking for.
>    deb file:/cdrom/debian  main/binary-i386/     <- from your sources.list
>             ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>           This ^  will be added to the front of that filename.
>    I suspect that the entry in filename is: debian/binary-i386/text/.... (eg)
>    from what you indicated.
> 2- Create a symbolic link: ln -s /cdrom/debian/main /usr/local/debian
>    (first making sure you don't overwrite anything in /usr/local)
> 3- Change your entry in sources.lists to:
>    deb file:/usr/local debian/binary-i386/

Needs to be "deb file:/usr/local/debian  main/binary-i386/" for my cdrom.

> 4- make sure you have the cdrom mounted before using apt.
> That's the best I can do from here.  You will have to fill in the gaps. You
> can also try to make your own Packages files.  That gives you control over
> where you have it all located. The command is dpkg-scanpackages from
> dpkg-dev.deb
> John

No, the same problem occurs I'm afraid. I can access the Packages file with
this method but still I get the extra /debian/ when I try to install
anything. (Nothing to do with using apt-get with dselect as I thought
originally; it happens with plain apt-get as well).  I think I'll give up; I
can use dselect in the ordinary way to read my cdrom, and I can use apt-get
to install stuff from mirrors. It just would be nice to be able to tie the
two things together (and possibly eliminate the long march through installed
and deselcted packages that dselect seems to enjoy).

Anthony Campbell  -  running Linux Debian 2.0
acampbell@achc.demon.co.uk  http://www.achc.demon.co.uk

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