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apt-get still won't work with local cdrom

I thought I'd got apt-get to read my local cdrom but it seems I was wrong. It
will update the packages but won't install anything. I have a Cheapbytes

The entry in my sources.list is as follows:

	deb file:/cdrom/debian  main/binary-i386/

The Packages file is read correctly. However, when I try to install a file I
get an error message:

	Unable to stat /cdrom/debian/debian/binary-i386/...

In other words, an unwanted extra /debian/ gets into the path when apt-get
tries to install a file.

Can anyone suggest a way round this?


Anthony Campbell  -  running Linux Debian 2.0
acampbell@achc.demon.co.uk  http://www.achc.demon.co.uk

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