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Re: New Install... "pon" not working

Bob Eidt wrote:
> I Have installed Linux 2.0 from floppy disk to a unit without any non-
> linux partitions and have tried both using "pppconfig" and manually
> editing the provider files as indicated in "install.txt". FTP is the only
> method to my disposal of enhancing my installation.
> It would seem the best I can do is with the configuration files I had
> after running "pppconfig".
> Using "pon" and "plog" I get an "OK" in response to "ATZ", I get a 
> "CONNECT" in response to the "ATDT1231234". But then a string 
> of some sort of PPP negotiation talk is sent and after a while I get 
> a message it has been sent 9 times without a response and I 
> disconnect.

You should post some more information, such as your chat script
(/etc/chatscripts/provider), your ppp config file
(/etc/ppp/peers/provider) and the exact error message logged by pppd and
chat (output from plog).  If plog doesn't produce the complete output
(only the last ten lines are shown), copy the output directly from
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