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Re: CD Writer Recommendation

David Warnock <david@sundayta.co.uk> writes:

| I need to add a CD Writer to my system. Can anyone give me a
| recommendation for a very reliable and fast writer (I only need
| writeable not re-writeable). I am only interested in a SCSI interface
| and would prefer an internal unit.

Well, our company has Yamaha CRW4260t (under Traxdata label) and
it has worked fine (no single failed CD). The SCSI controller is
Adaptec 2940UW. The downside for your case is that this writer
is RW and I guess you'll pay extra for it (that is, you probably
get pure CD-R writers for less money).

Normal writing speed is 4x (2x for RW) and 6x reading. This is
CDDA capable, packet writing capable, can be jumpered to handle
Sun sector sizes and what is most important, cdrecord supports
it (IIRC, Yamaha loaned/donated some writer and specs for the
cdrecord author for development, so this is one reason why I'm
supporting this drive).

| What software do I need? Is it included in Hamm?

You need mkisofs or mkhybrid for creating data images and
cdrecord for burning those images. At least mkhybrid and
cdrecord are available in hamm.

Whatever writer you decide to buy, first _make sure_ cdrecord
supports it. You might want to check out these www pages:

| I will be using the cd writer for archive backups and also for creating
| installation cd-roms for our applications.

Do you already have some backup scripts that are able to make
backups to CDs? Or are you simply going to use CDs for permanent
archiving? I'm asking because I have been thinking about making
some scripts for making (incremental) backups to CDs with
tar. This is because practically no existing backup software
seems to support CDs but instead they practically require tape


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