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Re: CD Writer Recommendation

In <361DDB9E.7BB70569@sundayta.co.uk>, on 10/09/98 
   at 09:47 AM, David Warnock <david@sundayta.co.uk> said:


>I need to add a CD Writer to my system. Can anyone give me a
>recommendation for a very reliable and fast writer (I only need writeable
>not re-writeable). I am only interested in a SCSI interface and would
>prefer an internal unit.
SCSI is a good idea.  I have heard of timing problems with other

>What software do I need? Is it included in Hamm?
Yes.  The "cdrecord" package provides cd-recording software.
And there's xcdroast if you want a gui version.
Make sure your kernel is compiled with "scsi generic" support. Read the
"CD-Writing HOWTO" in /usr/doc/HOWTO

>For the record (in case it affects anything) I have 2 adaptec scsi cards
>both 2940's one is scsi 2 and the other scsi 3. The scsi 2 has a jaz
>drive on it and the scsi 3 my hard disk.
Whatever card you connect the writer to, make sure all other devices on
the same bus support scsi disconnect.  A device that doesn't support
disconnect can block the scsi bus for a long time, possibly ruining the
burn.  The same goes for the device you read from  (typically the
harddisk).  For 2940-adapters have bios settings where you may check up on
the disconnect settings.  Most devices support disconnect, but some old
cd-roms and possibly others doesn't.

Helge Hafting

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