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Re: control and mail on debian 2.0

On Thu, 17 Sep 1998, Brian Schramm wrote:

 : I have a debian machine that is a firewall for my network.  I would
 : like to remove the monitor and keyboard on the machine so I need a way
 : to control it by a secure shell from my internal network.  Is there
 : any way to do this?  I looked for ssh and did not find it.  Is it
 : hidden in a package that I did not see?


(Substitute the appropriate arch if you're not on i386)

 : Also, I would like to have Pine for my email.  In past distributions
 : all I had to do was connect to contrib or non-free and get it.  This
 : time I did not see it.  Is tere a problem with this?


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