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> Very often, I have to work on my home computer from other places and I do
> not want to have my home computer on-line all the time.
> Would it be possible to configure it in such a way so when I call home say
> two times in a row, pon would be executed automaticaly and ip-up ( I did
> it already) would post the IP address of the home computer on a designated
> page?

Yes, it should be possible to do this.

To do the first part (get the modem to answer when your not home),
take a look at the xringd package. I haven't used it, but others
on this list have recommended it.

	'xringd will monitor a serial line for RING signals and
	 activate various commands when specific "ring-delay
	 sequences" are detected.'

The second part can be done a number of ways.  I have a 
script in ip-up.d which sends a message to my work account
whenever my home machine is connected.  That message is 
processed by procmail at my work machine.  That machine
makes a web page which includes the ip address of home

I pretty much copied my setup from
http://www.math.jhu.edu/~martind/mybox.html  .
I think Daniel Martin still reads this list.  He also
has a link to the Dynamic IP Hacks Mini-HOWTO,
which has more suggestions.

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