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755c Thinkpad issues

> I'm afraid I won't be of much help as our situations are very
> different. My 755 runs ONLY Debian. No DOS, no Windows, no emulators,
> just Debian.

Mine is supposedly just debian.  But I would like the hibernate to 
work, which needs a dos partition.  I originally formatted without room 
for this, then added it when I found out that the hardware would 
hibernate (dump ram & state to hard disk) after an hour of sleep

> I haven't worried about APM much. The main use for the Thinkpad has
> been when I'm sitting in a Motel room and want to check email or do
> some light work, so, when I need to use it it's almost always plugged
> in.

Mine will rarely (at most :) be used other than plugged in.  It's there 
so that I can X into my machine at night.

> Plus, we've had this 755 for a couple of years now and I think the
> battery has quit accepting a charge. Even when it's powered down the
> battery will not recharge. The battery status LED is always solid
> orange and the battery charging LED never comes on.

Mine quit taking charges soon as I stripped the Gates virus off of 
it . . .    but continued to work off the old charge for a while.  But 
since it's position will be on my lap, the charge would be nice for 
when the cord gets knocked out :)

> | 2)  if you still have the dark side, how big should the thinkpad 
> | directory be?  mine is just shy of 1.4M, or 97% of a dos floppy.  
> | however, I get errors reporting missing windows, and most of the dos 
> | versions of utilities seem to be missing.

> I'm afraid you've lost me on this one. I don't even know what the
> "dark side" is, other than a powerful evil force permeating our
> universe? :)

oops, wrong list for that reference :)  The gates virus, aka windows, 
was my reference.

> | 3) is there anything funny about ppp I should know?

> This depends on the modem you use. We use a MegaHertz combo
> Ethernet/Modem card. It is well supported by the PCMCIA stuff and I
> didn't have any problem at all setting it up to run SLIP or PPP.

a compaq pcmcia.  no problem with minicom, but i just haven't been able 
to get PPP to work.



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