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Re: debian vs others

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Rick Knebel wrote:

> Hi, 
> I know it is kind of silly to ask what is better debian vs redhat on a 
> debian list but here goes anyway. 
> I have used various distro including redhat, caldera and suse and have not 
> been really happy with any of them. 

Debian is my first Linux distro.  

I've got so used to editing the text file configurations that when I tried
RH5.1 and I was very confused with the GUIey configuration.  I have
nothing against GUI configurations.  It's good for new users actually.

Also, RH5.1 had lot's of things that they overlooked for instance, the
LD_PRELOAD of LibBrokenLocale.so in the Netscape RPMS.  And the complexity
of making users initiate PPP connections.  Can't blame RH for that.
Security reasons maybe.  Or maybe it was just me.

Just my opinions.  ;)

Admiral Charah
Tech Support, Cyberspace Laoag, ISP

"Overuse of the smiley is a mark of loserhood" --The Jargon File V4.0.0

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