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Re: OFF-TOPIC (How do you guys sort your mail?)

On 19 Aug 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> 	Yes, no, and not unless you want to. Even without enabling the
>  generic command server and the @SH processing, the rules file for
>  mailagent is a full fledged state machines, and one can apply the
>  rules recursively, and the actio is idfferent depending on what state
>  on is in.

I wish to obtain the example setup =8).  Is the sample setup on the deb
file sufficient for my needs?  Or is it sufficient for yours or us all
subscribed to debian-user?  This is the only thing I need, separate
debian-user from my $INBOX.

> 	I can send the mailagent man pages and example setup (included
>  in the mailagent.deb), if anyone wishes. Also, mailagent shall not
>  interfere with anything, and affect nothing (including your MTA)
>  unless you actively edit files and configure it; so you can safely
>  try installing it on your system.

I'll try anything.

Admiral Charah
Tech Support, Cyberspace Laoag, ISP

"Overuse of the smiley is a mark of loserhood" --The Jargon File V4.0.0

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