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Recommended SCSI cards

I'm going to buy a SCSI card soon, and I'm interested in peoples
opinions and experiences.

In particular, I've seen IWill 2935UW cards for a reasonable price,
Adaptec 2940UW cards for nearly twice the price of the IWill, and
the cheapest DPT card for a little more than the Adaptec 2940UW.
I'm open to other suggestions though.

I'd like to get away with it as cheaply as possible, but I want
something that will do the job well.  At the moment, that means
burning CDs, but in the future will include reading hard disks
and SCSI CD-ROMs and for use with a scanner.

While I'm on the topic, the Panasonic 8x4x CD burner has been
recommended as the best by a Windows enthusiast.  If anyone has
had good or bad experiences with this drive or good experiences
with others, please let me know.


Mark Mickan <mmickan@debian.org>
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