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Password to single user boot.


We consider putting Linuxes (or should it be Linuces? )in the classes, but
don't want the students to be able to boot single user and then rm -r *,
or open accounts and try to get into the network.

Is there an easy was to put a password on single user boot?

If not, I have and idea how to prevent it:
1. Repartition that way that there is another primary partition of about 1
MB in size. 
2. dd the kernel to that partition (after it was 'rdev'ed to the real root
3. Make this partition the only one bootable.
4. Disable the possibility to boot from the floppy drive in the  (password
protected) bios. (And the computers are locked so they (the students) 
can't clear the bios settings with the jumpers)

I think that in this was the students won't be able to boot single user.

What do you say?
Is there an easier way to do it?


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