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Re: Is the diskless boot possible in debian ?

Well firstly, what is that error in the log file? Can you be more
specific? To read your files on the win95 partition, the command is
mount -t msdos /dev/<windows partition device name> /mnt (can be almost
any directory you want). For example, say you have an IDE disk and
Windows is on your first primary partition. Type:

$ mount -t msdos /dev/hda1 /mnt

If during the install of Debian you added vfat support then you should
replace 'msdos' in the above with 'vfat' so that long file names aren't

One problem with your ppp attempts may be that you didn't add ppp
support during the install of debian.

If are looking for some communications software to test your modem, you
can grab minicom. It's a Debian package, find it at www.debian.org.

In general with PPP and Debian, since they made the setup so friendly
the're only a few things that could stop you from connecting that I can
think of.

1) PPP support is not built in the kernel or not loaded as a module.
2) Your serial port's initialization failed.
3) Your modem's initialization string isn't right.
4) Your trying to connect as a user and aren't a member of group 'dip'.
Solution is to do: as root, type 'adduser your_user_name dip'.

If you think Linux is hard to install, try OpenBSD (aaarrrrggghhhhhh :)

Good luck,

Christopher Wesneski wrote:
> I am having considerable trouble setting up my modem to connect to my ISP. I'm pretty
> sure I have the serial port configured but every time I run pppd via pon I get an
> error in the log file. I've read all the HOWTOs and anything else I can find (since
> no one on this list will ever help you if you don't) and I am still as lost as I was
> going in. In one of the HOWTOs they mention kermit and another program to test (not
> connect) the modem. I only have the base installed so I need to know,
> 1) what am I supposed to use to test that the modem is working?
> 2) is it a pert of the base install package?
>   a) if not where can I get it and what do I need to do to get it running?
> 3) how can I mount(?) my win95 partition so I can access the files while in
> Linux (and vice-versa)? It is a real pain to have to keep switching OSs to read this
> lists mail and browse docs online and then try something and switch back and ......
> well you get the picture.
> I can see why people complain about the learning curve. It's not a matter of getting
> up it, it's just when you do get to a point where ignorance overcomes you and no one
> is willing to help it gets very frustrating. I'm almost ready to switch back to
> Windows (gasp) full-time.

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