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Re: How to clone debian system to another hard drive


It may help if you read over this mini-HOWTO which covers this exact


I've used the first copy method (with everything on one partition) many
times with no problem. It also gives several other variations of how to
copy depending on your setup.

One thing to check is if you have a /proc directory on the new disk,
because you usually need to do that manually.


Scott Hill wrote:
> I am quite a beginner.  I am trying to make a clone of my hamm  (disk A)
> to another
> hard drive (disk B).  Here is what I did.
> 1. I put them on master/slave and I partitioned B appropriately.
> 2. I created file systems on appropriate partitions with mkfs /dev/hdb2
> and so on..
> 3. I mount the B partitions on the /mnt  point.
> 4. After reading in a multidisk HOWTO that cp is well behaved with
> regard to
> symbolic links I did a
> cp     -av     /usr                /mnt/usr
> cp     -av     /home          /mnt/home
> and so on for each of the files and directories under /
> (I did not just do the whole disk at one go cause I wanted to avoid /mnt
> and /proc).
> Anyway,  I take off the A and use my floppy boot diskette and B and i
> can logon
> and seems ok.  I want to boot off the hard drive so I did a /sbin/lilo.
> But can't boot
> off hard drive, just after the fsck check of partitions I get error
> message:
> "unable to open an initial console".
> So:  is there a better way to do a clone (like a script) that i could
> not find? Is there
> a better way to get contents of A onto B in step 4?  Did some files not
> go through
> by my cp method.
> Thanks,
> Scott
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