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Re: How to clone debian system to another hard drive

On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, Scott Hill wrote:

[ moving partitions snipped ]

: Anyway,  I take off the A and use my floppy boot diskette and B and i
: can logon
: and seems ok.  I want to boot off the hard drive so I did a /sbin/lilo.
: But can't boot
: off hard drive, just after the fsck check of partitions I get error
: message:
: "unable to open an initial console".

Sounds like a missing device file.

: So:  is there a better way to do a clone (like a script) that i could
: not find? Is there
: a better way to get contents of A onto B in step 4?  Did some files not
: go through
: by my cp method.

[ Warning!  You are about to invoke religious debate ]

I've found that `find . -xdev | cpio -padm /mnt' works everytime
device and other "strange" files included.

So, to copy on filesystem to another, mount the "target" filesystem on
/mnt .  `cd' to the mountpoint of the source filesystem (you're moving /
`cd /', /usr `cd /usr', etc.)  Then run the above command.  Couldn't be

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