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How to clone debian system to another hard drive

I am quite a beginner.  I am trying to make a clone of my hamm  (disk A)
to another
hard drive (disk B).  Here is what I did.
1. I put them on master/slave and I partitioned B appropriately.
2. I created file systems on appropriate partitions with mkfs /dev/hdb2
and so on..
3. I mount the B partitions on the /mnt  point.
4. After reading in a multidisk HOWTO that cp is well behaved with
regard to
symbolic links I did a
cp     -av     /usr                /mnt/usr
cp     -av     /home          /mnt/home
and so on for each of the files and directories under /
(I did not just do the whole disk at one go cause I wanted to avoid /mnt
and /proc).

Anyway,  I take off the A and use my floppy boot diskette and B and i
can logon
and seems ok.  I want to boot off the hard drive so I did a /sbin/lilo.
But can't boot
off hard drive, just after the fsck check of partitions I get error
"unable to open an initial console".

So:  is there a better way to do a clone (like a script) that i could
not find? Is there
a better way to get contents of A onto B in step 4?  Did some files not
go through
by my cp method.



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