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Re: Linus Torvalds interview

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Alexander wrote:
> Well, Windows is a decent OS if you know how to use and configure it right
> (and work around its many bugs). If you can't deal with bugs in an OS you
> don't deserve to be allowed to use a computer, or even own one. Windows
I wonder if you would have the same attitude if you loose vital data on a
computer crash. You sound as if you can predict when the crash is going to
occur (I have seen windoze freeze a few minutes after a systems reset)

> took many years to develop into its present state of glory and bugs alike.
> Do you think MS took only 5 minutes to design and implement the UI? Or
> FAT32? I don't think so.
Not that Trovalds took any longer ... I think we are missing the point
here. The length of time one takes to achieve a task is irrelevant
(particularly so when there are standards which have to be met/adhered
to). The fact that I take two weeks to assemble the components of a
computer 'does not' make it better than one assembled in two hours by
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