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guile problem Re: gnome-card-games


It looks like guile installs /usr/share/guile/slib -> ../../lib/slib

but, of course, /usr/lib/slib does not exist on my system yet...

so, perhaps guile needs to depend on slib...


On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Joey Hess wrote:
> usr/lib/scm/require.scm                                      interpreters/scm
> usr/lib/slib/require.scm                                     devel/slib

B. Bell wrote:
> when I run /usr/bin/sol, I get this error:
> guile: Could not find slib/require.scm in  ("/usr/share/guile/site"
> "/usr/share/guile/1.2" "/usr/share/guile" ".")

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