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Re: Linus Torvalds interview

On Wed, Jul 29, 1998 at 08:06:40AM -0700, Alexander wrote:
> Hi...
> Well, Windows is a decent OS if you know how to use and configure it right
> (and work around its many bugs). If you can't deal with bugs in an OS you
> don't deserve to be allowed to use a computer, or even own one. Windows
> took many years to develop into its present state of glory and bugs alike.
> Do you think MS took only 5 minutes to design and implement the UI? Or
> FAT32? I don't think so.

I completely fail to follow you here.

Windows is so crap of an OS, you won't believe it if it would be told to you
unprejudiced. (unfortunately, people are so used to it, that they believe
computer *must* crash twice a day).

No, I can't deal with bugs in an OS. I want to trust my computer, and I
can't trust it when I get blue-screens because I closed an application (or
opened one). Random crashes are absolutely unappealing to me.

"Windows took many years to develop" I wonder why. Do you know Windows
versions prior to 3.1? Do you know the graphical DOS interface in MSDOS 5.0
(I believe it was 5.0). This was the state of Windows a few years ago, when
GEOS (do you remember C-64 GEOS) had already released a real multitasking
windowing system.

I think Windows did not even took 5 minutes to design. Or the design was
done by the marketing group.

Really, I feel I deserve to be allowed to use a computer (and to own one),
and I find Windows completely unbearable. An OS which crashes when I press a
key on my Midi Keyboard, or when I give it an angry glance, is not something
I think my expensive hardware deserves. And no, it is NOT the fault of the
application. An user application is never allowed to crash the multitasking
operating system.

Thank you,

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