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fdisk and fujitsu drives

	I've got a 6.4 GB fujitsu drive that I am trying partition. 
Actually,  I had it partitioned, formatted (no reported errors), and file
system from an old disk transferred to it.  However,  I made it the master
after the fs transfer, and was using a rescue floppy to boot, mount all the
partitions and set up LILO, but LILO setup failed with:

	Device 0X0300: Invalid partition table, 3rd entry
	3D address: 1/0/78 (73710)
	linear address: 55/11/21 (20592)

fdisk reported the first four partitions not ending on cylinder boundaries.
Also, the beginning, starting and ending cylinders are all wonky. Eg., 
		begin	start 	end	type	size
part 1		1	1	11	native	5M
part 2		40	11	22	native	5M
part 3		79	22	239	native	100M
part 4		855	239	2859	extendd	rest of disk
part 5		855	239	889	native	300M
part 6		1024	889	1539	native	300M
part 7		1024	1539	2189	native	300M
part 8		2024	2189	2623	native	200M

So, v (verify) gives all kinds of errors (end of cylinders not on
boundaries, bad start of data, partitions overlapping).  I deleted all the
partitions and started over which fixed up the beginning cylinders on parts
1-4 but not the rest.  ( I didn't write the partition table so I still have
the old setup)

1)  Does this matter ? (apparently it does to LILO) I was able to mke2fs -c
all partitions no problem, and copy over the old file system.

and if it does matter,

2a) Anyone know what is causing this ?
2b)   "     "    "   I can do to fix it ?

I suspect this might be a logical/physical geometry thing.  Linux required
me to explicitly state the physical geometry of a 1.2 Gig Seagate (now a
paper weight) before it would install on it.  However, I have a Western
Digital 3.1 Gig in another box that Linux happily installed on without the
physical parameters.

All help appreciated. Thanks,


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