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Re: dselect and getting rid of dependency complaining without installing packages.

On 31 Jul 98 01:00:22 GMT, Christopher Barry <cbarry@2xtreme.net> wrote:
>This has been bugging me for awhile and now I guess I'll ask what to do
>about it. I've been using glibc Netscape 4.5pre1 for awhile now and I
>installed it with dpkg -i --force-depends using the NS4 debian
>installer. Whenever I use dselect I always have to exit with 'Q' or else
>it will keep on telling me Netscape needs all these old libs which it
>really doesn't. I was hoping the slink NS installer would be smart about
>this but it looks like it's the exact same version as the hamm. Can I
>just get dselect to shut up about it?

You can grab the netscape4 installer deb source and repackage it using
Make sure to give it a higher version number.
That's what I did. I think I still have the new deb file somewhere if you
need it.
*) Aria

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