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Re: Linux vs. Windows

I recently installed Linux on my machine days after I upgraded to Win98. The only
problem (not really a problem, just an inconvenience) was having to run defrag and then
removing my swap file because I couldn't run defrag without the swap file (windows
choked, go figure).

ratirh@cs.purdue.edu wrote:

> I'd be careful with 98 and Linux.  I read about 98 moving data around and
> could possibly break Linux.  I just installed Debian 2.0, and it's pretty
> easy now.  Basically follow the prompts.  YOu may not have everything
> working, but your system will boot.
> On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, The guy on the couch. wrote:
> > Hi, I use win95 and I tried Linux once and couldn't even load a
> > program.  I'm not very experienced with other OSes.  Since then I've
> > never tried it.  I'm thinking of upgrading to win98 and got to thinking
> > about Linux again.  Is there a way for both of these OSes to work on my
> > machine, so I could tinker with Linux and keep my job as well
> > (webmaster).  You know if you could make the installation process a
> > little more streamlined like that of commerecial company's and then
> > start with a very simple GUI instead of the DOS-like command line, it
> > might be a little easier for it to be adopted like the windows world.  I
> > think more people would try it, but they might be scared of it.  I
> > consider myself well-endowed with computers, but I look at Linux and I
> > just freak.  Any info?
> > Thanks
> >

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