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Re: Linux vs. Windows

The guy on the couch. wrote:

> Hi, I use win95 and I tried Linux once and couldn't even load a
> program.  I'm not very experienced with other OSes.  Since then I've
> never tried it.  I'm thinking of upgrading to win98 and got to thinking
> about Linux again.  Is there a way for both of these OSes to work on my
> machine, so I could tinker with Linux and keep my job as well
> (webmaster).

u'd like to drive a f18 like driving your car?it's not the same if u want power u must

> You know if you could make the installation process a
> little more streamlined like that of commerecial company's and then
> start with a very simple GUI instead of the DOS-like command line, it
> might be a little easier for it to be adopted like the windows world.

there are lots og guy that uses gui :-)) in linux it's calles x-winand u can find a
lots of type of it.
anyway the dos-prompt like it's the better way to enjoy all the power of an os
even if it's not so simple or immediate to understand .

>  I
> think more people would try it, but they might be scared of it.  I
> consider myself well-endowed with computers, but I look at Linux and I
> just freak.  Any info?

u can starts with reading some books about linux and some books about how a pc works
.Linux is an os for  developers so an os for ppl which first words were add ax, bx
jne 0  :-)))))
today linux is more simple than 3-4 years ago (i still remeber him).
pc are not like humans : u can't pretend they think like a man ; they follow some
which are not so friendly to ppl .
pretending a pc that think as a human is still a dream.
anyway things are going better and i can assure u that linux is not so enigmatic as u
think or better , woman are more enigmatic than linux :-))))))))

good luck

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