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Re: SCSI Controller

Hi -

Anders Hammarquist wrote:
> >I'm in the middle of getting a new PII (300MHz +) system.  I'd like
> >to know what SCSI controller should I get for the best performance and
> >supporter driver on Linux:
> >
> The Adaptec controllers have been flakey on Linux (though it may change as
> Adaptec has finally started giving out specs). With the current drivers
> Adaptec 2940 (aic7xxx) cards get confused under high load.

I can second that, just moved from Adaptec to Buslogic because of that.
To many reboots ...

I now have two Buslogic (Mylex) BT-950's UW controllers running; never
a problem since.


> Onboard
> or as a PCI card rarely makes any difference, as the 'on bord'
> controllers are just the PCI card soldered directly on to the motherboard.

But you should consider, that you can move PCI cards from one PC to
And, PC motherboard lifetimes are by far shorter than those of PCI
I'm still running an very old ISA-SCSI-1 controller with my scanner
> Another contoller that seem to be working nicely are the
> Symbios Logic 53c875 based cards such as Asus's SC875.

Seconded !



Michael Grimm, Berlin, Germany
      Linux will win ...

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