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Problem with ethercard

Hi guys,
I am using 2 ethercards, one is a NE2000 and the other is an SMC card,
however, I use the NE2000 driver for both of them. Most of the time they
work well but every once in a while my smc card misbehaves. I am using
debian linux by the way. I get error messages like:

eth0: bogus packet size: 66788, status=0xff, nxpg=0x0

Apparently this is a shared memory problem common among PCI machines that
are not configured to map in ISA memory devices. Threfore, you end up
reading the PC's RAM (all 0xff values) instead of the RAM on the card that
contains the data from the received packet.
I am not 100% sure whether that is it but whether it is or isn't, I still
don't know how to solve the problem.

Any ideas?


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