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Re: DVD support for linux


Ok, I'm going to respond to that one thing at a time... :P

DVD: Should be supported, including MPEG, but don't expect proprietary
stuff on DVDs to run.

Video card: As long as X and svgalib support it, it should probably be
fine. S3 Trio* based cards will definitely work. Odd things like Rendition
Verite will not. Check if X and svgalib support a video card you like.

SCSI vs. Ultra ATA: Ultra ATA/Ultra DMA is less expensive. Since harddisks
can't really transfer even 33 MB/s (Ultra DMA), SCSI isn't important
unless you want to use external devices or more than 7 of them instead of
4. Or if you want to network them with another machine. (yes, SCSI buses
can be networked...)

AWE 64 ISA/PCI: Both should be supported. Check kernel configs and

66 MHz bus vs. 100 MHz: This will make a HUGE difference. Get a 100 MHz
bus system if you can afford it, this should definitely make your system
faster. You will need 100 MHz memory, though, so plan to replace that if
you have older memory.

AGP: Not sure.


On Thu, 23 Jul 1998, Curt E. Spann wrote:

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> Subject: DVD support for linux
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> Hello,
>     I getting ready to purchase a new system but before I do I need to know
> some stuff.  First does Linux support dvd drives.  What video card should I
> get?  If I have a choice between SCSI and Ultra ATA system which should I
> get?  SCSI is a little more expensive but is it really worth it?  Is AWE 64
> PCI supported, or AWE 64 ISA?  Also is there really a big difference between
> 66Mhz bus and 100Mhz bus.  I heard that it is just for the memory?  Also AGP
> info on that?
> Thank you Very Very Much,
> Curt Spann
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