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Hamm and 3com's 905 PCI.

After using Debian 2.0 at home (and enjoying it very much) I decided to
bring it to work, install it on some computers and show the world that
Debian is better then both Win.NT and RedHat5.1.
Well, I didn't bring the CD with me since I knew that I can have it here
through NFS.
The problem is that the installation floppies (the drv1440, I mean)
doesn't have 3com 90x PCI drivers, and I can't work. (I'm writing this
from my other computer that has RedHat (that will hopefully become
Debian as soon as I can get it to work with the network card)).

BTW: At home I have an sbpro CDROM, and it has a module, but here I have
an ATAPI CDROM that doesn't have any modules, will it work without any
modules installed?

BTW2: We're planning to replace out SunOSes machined with Linux and NT
machines, and if I can show the other  people here that Debian is superior
than RH, out math faculty will be powered by Debian machines!!!

Liran Zvibel.

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