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Re: New to debian -- question about shells & unused accounts

Am Wed, 29 Jul 1998 schrieb Stephen J. Carpenter:

> I have seen. It seems nmore common to make the shell
> /bin/false
> This is an executable (/dev/null is not and gives a permission denied
> error) and is an executable which just exits (retuyrning a value
> nonetheless but still just exiting)..or form the man page:
> ---man false---
> false - do nothing, unsuccessfully
> false
> false {--help,--version}
> ---done---
> this is wrong for debina tho...I just tried it...neither option works
> of course...

Why "of course"? It works for me:

<Zoppo>:~$ /bin/false --help
Usage: /bin/false [OPTION]...
Exit unsuccessfully.

--help display this help and exit
--version output version information and exit

Report bugs to sh-utils-bugs@gnu.ai.mit.edu
<Zoppo>:~$ /bin/false --version
false (GNU sh-utils) 1.16

I suppose you typed:

<Zoppo>:~$ false --help
<Zoppo>:~$ false --version
<Zoppo>:~$ type false
false is a shell builtin

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