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New to debian -- question about shells & unused accounts

  I recently got tired of taking care of my own installation of linux
and decided to install debian.  So far, I've been pretty happy with it.

  I'm sure I'll have more questions later, but I've got some questions
right now.

1: Is it necessary to have all the dead accounts that come in the 
distribution password have /bin/sh as the shell?  Some, like nobody
and the qmail daemons, aren't suppose to have a real shell, because
people aren't suppose to be able to log in with those IDs.  Ever. I
changed my password file, but it seems odd that they would be there
in the first place.

2: This is a question arising from my ignorance of linux -- I run
linux on a laptop, and I periodically see the message:

apm_bios: set display standby: Power management disabled
apm_bios: set display ready: Power management disabled

  I've looked around apmd and apm but there don't sem to be any
options for the display.  I assume that it is suppose to be turning
off the backlight when it spits that out.

  I'm sure I think of others -- like where did the fat filesystem
files in the debian kernel sources for 2.0.34 go?  And is the pdksh
in the unstable/stable distributions the most up to date?  The one
I've got installed complains about "break: can only break 2 level(s)"
where the version I had before never complained.  I can't get to my
backup, though, because I can't mount the filesystem that has my
backup tarfile on it though...

  All in all, though, looks pretty good.

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