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Re: Help required SB16 PnP

On Tue, Jul 28, 1998 at 08:00:16PM +0200, count zero wrote:
> first of it if u want to laugh just go to www.soundblaster.com and telle them your
> problem:
> after 3-4days u'll get a mail with the response wich sounds like this :
> hehehehehehe :-)))

:-) What should they else do? However, maybe one day Linux will be a big
enough a market that we can strike back :)

BTW: For good sound support under Linux, I would not suggest a SB card. They
tend to put the intelligence in the driver, which is not good for Linux.

OTOH, I can't recommend any other card, too.

> the only solutions i found was compiling sound as a module and setting the
> soundblaster
> with isapnp settings .
> (i have a sb32 pnp so it's quite different from your ).
> to use isapnp read the docs and the howtos called sbnp16 or sound ora awe 64.

It should be sufficient to follow the directives in my howto. Especially on
a Debian system.

A few minor corrections follow:

> i'll explain in few words what to do.
> install isapnp package.

The package name is "isapnptools", and is probably installed by default (on
Debian 2.0 at least).

> run pnpdump /etc/isapanp.conf

pnpdump > /etc/isapnp.conf

> edit isapnp.conf  following man pages or howtos
> (beware isapnp is very dangerous the first time i use it it resets my ide pnp
> controller :-))  )

:) Oh jesses. Don't uncomment ACT Y on other devices beside the Sound Card
first time :)

> read modules HOWTO
> compile the kernel and the sound support as a module with the settings u found in
> isapnp.conf
> make dep ; make clean; make modules; make modules_install ; make zlilo or zImage or
> zdisk (it depends on your conf)

Better you use "make config; make-kpkg clean; make-kpkg
--revision=custom.1.0 kernel_image" with the kernel package installed. Then
run "dpkg -i ../<name_of_created_deb_file>"

> reboot and u'll see something like activating sound support .
> if all is not ok  cat /dev/sndstat to see what is wrong .

Yupp. Good luck anyone!


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