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Re: Help required SB16 PnP

Ivan wrote:

> Hi EveryOne !
> I'm trying to enable sound support on my Debian system which, according to
> the reading I've done, requires recompilation of the kernel.
> Using config (the how-to or readme suggested that xconfig is not the best
> to use ?) I have configured everything that I want except SOUND!!!
> The readme file says that PnP is not supported - is this still the case ?
> If PnP is not directly supported can anyone advise how to work around to
> enable this card to work ? ( I'm sure I'm not the only Debian user with a
> PnP sound card !!! )
> I can't remember exactly the boot remarks but is similar to
>         sound configuration started
>         sound configuration stopped
> The readme or how-to indicates that I should expect information regarding
> the type of support being initiated between the starting and the stopping.
> The lack of information apparently indicates that the support has been
> compiled but that the card is not detected.
> I therefore assume that the device settings that I am using are wrong.
> FYI, the Win95 settings are :
> IRQ     05
> DMA     01
> DMA     03
> I/O RANGE       0220 - 022F
> I/O RANGE       0330 - 0331
> I/I RANGE       0388 - 038B
> I used :
> IRQ     05
> DMA     01
> DMA     03
> I/O BASE        220 (first time)
> I/O BASE        330 (second time)
> <<<< is Linux reading these numbers as decmial or hex ? >>>>
> The next time I recompiled I used
> IRQ     05
> DMA     01
> DMA     05 (after noting that 3 is not on the "allowed" list !)
> I/O BASE        330
> I/O BASE        388
> Still no sound !
> Any help very much appreciated.

first of it if u want to laugh just go to www.soundblaster.com and telle them your
after 3-4days u'll get a mail with the response wich sounds like this :
hehehehehehe :-)))
the only solutions i found was compiling sound as a module and setting the
with isapnp settings .
(i have a sb32 pnp so it's quite different from your ).
to use isapnp read the docs and the howtos called sbnp16 or sound ora awe 64.
i'll explain in few words what to do.
install isapnp package.
run pnpdump /etc/isapanp.conf
edit isapnp.conf  following man pages or howtos
(beware isapnp is very dangerous the first time i use it it resets my ide pnp
controller :-))  )
read modules HOWTO
compile the kernel and the sound support as a module with the settings u found in
make dep ; make clean; make modules; make modules_install ; make zlilo or zImage or
zdisk (it depends on your conf)
reboot and u'll see something like activating sound support .
if all is not ok  cat /dev/sndstat to see what is wrong .

hope u'll get the right way !

samuele tonon

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