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Re: Mouse movement weirdness with latest X packages

Quoting George Bonser (grep@shorelink.com):
> It works both ways, last time I looked Debian had no entry for dtterm
> either and this is rather a bummer since all commercial Unix that I am
> aware of ship with CDE now. 

It's in there now. ncurses-term-1.9.9g-8.8. I'd have to say that debian
(and free unices in general) does a _far_ better job of supporting a
variety of terminals than any of the commercial unices. E.g., IRIX6.2
uses xwsh as its terminal with a type of "iris-ansi" (also supported by
debian) and doesn't have a clue what "dtterm" is. (Nor does it
understand rxvt, vt102, etc.) Solaris understands "dtterm" (it should)
but is lost when it comes to iris-ansi (or rxvt). Unless you're using
plain old ordinary xterm, you're generally going to need to migrate a
terminfo when you go to another platform.

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