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Re: Configuring GNOME v.20?

On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, Ed Cogburn wrote:

> I've installed the GNOME packages, but I missed the message during
> install that mentioned making a change to /etc/X11/window-managers.  I
> now have no window manager running, and I can't for the life of me
> figure out what I'm supposed to do to get the GNOME system running. 
> There's nothing helpful in '/usr/doc/gnome-*', and there are no man
> pages.  What do I do to the window-managers file to get GNOME to come
> up, and what are the config files for GNOME, i.e., how do you configure
> it?

You shouldn't have to change anything to the window-managers file. Gnome 
does not contains a window-manager, gnome *is* not a window manager. You 
should get your preferable windowmanager running, and then add
'panel &' to your .xsession (if you're running xdm) or .xinitrc (if you're
using startx), and if you want to gsm (the gnome session manager, it's in 
package gnome-session). If you add these, remember to put them *before* 
any call to a window-manager, or else they wont be started. I'm sure 
somebody else can give a better explanation....


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