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Re: Exim!

On Sun, 12 Jul 1998, George Bonser wrote:

> >From the Exim documentation:
> The `pipe' transport can be used to pass all messages that require local
> delivery to a separate local delivery agent such as `procmail'. When doing
> this, care must be taken to ensure that the pipe is run under an
> appropriate uid and gid. Typically one wants this to be a uid that is
> trusted by the delivery agent to
> supply the correct sender of the message. It may be necessary to recompile
> or reconfigure the delivery agent so that it trusts an appropriate user.
> The following is an example transport and director configuration for
> `procmail': 
> # transport
> procmail_pipe:
>   driver = pipe
>   command = "/opt/local/bin/procmail -d ${local_part}"
>   from_hack
>   user = exim
> # director
> procmail:
>   driver = localuser
>   transport = procmail_pipe
> In this example, the pipe is run as the user `exim', assuming that
> `procmail'
> trusts that user. Note that the command that the pipe transport runs does
> not
> begin with 
> IFS=" "
> as shown in the `procmail' documentation, because Exim does not by default
> use a shell to run pipe commands. 

Okay... thanks, it is similar to the smail one.. I never figured that
out.. :)  should be able to work it out from here :)

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