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Re: Exim!

>From the Exim documentation:

The `pipe' transport can be used to pass all messages that require local
delivery to a separate local delivery agent such as `procmail'. When doing
this, care must be taken to ensure that the pipe is run under an
appropriate uid and gid. Typically one wants this to be a uid that is
trusted by the delivery agent to
supply the correct sender of the message. It may be necessary to recompile
or reconfigure the delivery agent so that it trusts an appropriate user.
The following is an example transport and director configuration for

# transport
  driver = pipe
  command = "/opt/local/bin/procmail -d ${local_part}"
  user = exim

# director
  driver = localuser
  transport = procmail_pipe

In this example, the pipe is run as the user `exim', assuming that
trusts that user. Note that the command that the pipe transport runs does
begin with 

IFS=" "

as shown in the `procmail' documentation, because Exim does not by default
use a shell to run pipe commands. 

George Bonser

Microsoft! Which end of the stick do you want today?

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