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sound recording under linux


Are there any folks out there using Linux to do sound recording?  If
so, what approaches have you taken?

I've got a cheap hack of a sound studio on my pc -- only under windows
now, though, and I'd rather do this under linux.

I do multi-track guitar recording in the following way: record a few
licks with the microphone next to my amp.  I have the "output" jack on
my soundcard split in two -- one cable going to my speakers, and one
going right back in the "input" jack of my soundcard.  Then I can play
the first "track" I recorded, and play another on my guitar while
recording -- thus the two tracks are automatically mixed.

Granted this is no professional studio, but it does the trick, and
fairly well.  The requirements, though, are that I need a full duplex
driver for my Sound Blaster AWE 32 pnp ISA sound card.  This driver is
free for Windows.  I can purchase a full duplex driver for linux from
a company (I forget their name).

Anyway, before I spend on the full duplex driver, does anyone know of
some good software that I can use -- I need a midi drum programmer,
some decent recording software, and some mixing software (that can
merge two sound files).  I've got most of this for free under Windows,
so I'd like to keep it free for Linux.  (BTW, the midi drum machine is
called "The Wizard" -- it's pretty sharp, I'd like something similar
for linux).


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