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Re: Needed: NEC CDrom drive info

>> G'day --
>> I am happily running a 24x NEC CD-Rom drive 464 (as reported in my
>> /var/log/messages) alongside two SCSI-2 HDs on a NCR53c815 based card. Now I
>> am trying to use a souncard (FWIW, Ensoniq soundscape, *non* PnP one...) and
>> am confused as to which audio cables to use between the CD and the soundcard:
>> souncard gives me three diff options: matsushita, mitsumi or sony, but I can
>> not find any inf anywhere on the net, including NEC site, that would reveal
>> which audio cable works with 464 drive.
>> Does anyone out there have any clue about this? Any and all info greatly
>> appreciated...

 While this has nothing to do with Debian.... 

 There are three or four wires in a audio cable : left, righ and one or two grounds. 
 Just check that those match and that you hear sound when playing cd's.


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