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Re: IDE stopped working

>> >  settings. What is the chipset used with that mb ? TX? Do you have any pnp 
>> >  cards ?
>> Kernel settings? I'll have a look at it since I compile my own kernel. You may
>> have hit on something with the chipset - "Intel 430TX PCIset" with "PCI Bus
>> Master" IDE controller. I do have PNP cards on the PCI bus, but all of them
>> are recognized and initialized properly. If I upgrade the kernel to 2.0.34, do
>> you think that might fix this situation?

 Check that you did include support for IDE/ATAPI cd-roms and enchanced
  IDE/MMF/RLL support. Also check that did you include support for SCSI-

 One thing could be that some card goes to irq 15 in boot and messes things

 If those do not help, try .34. 


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