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FIXED IT! - IDE stopped working

Jaakko Niemi writes:
>  Check that you did include support for IDE/ATAPI cd-roms and enchanced
>   IDE/MMF/RLL support. Also check that did you include support for SCSI-
>  emulation. 
>  One thing could be that some card goes to irq 15 in boot and messes things
>  up.
>  If those do not help, try .34. 

Jaakko, I want to thank you for hanging in there. I swapped /dev/hdb (hard
drive slave on primary bus) for /dev/hdc (cdrom master on secondary bus). Two
things have become self-evident:

1) If the kernel does not see any valid devices on the secondary IDE bus, the
kernel will disable the bus (this fact was unknown to me)

2) Some CDrom drives prefer to be slave drives and do not properly respond
to the kernel's inquiry when jumpered as a master drive (again, an unknown 

Full use of my system has now been restored and perhaps the members of the
debian-user list will benefit from this experience.

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