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Re: Trying to install ELM

On Sun, Jul 05, 1998 at 01:08:56PM -0400, Keith Alen Vance wrote:
> I am running Debian 1.3 and kernel 2.0.33 and I am trying to install ELM 
> I go through the sh /Configure but when I try tail -f MAKELOG it gives me 
> the following error message:
> cc  -O -I../hdrs      -c mcprt.c -o mcprt.o
> [...]

Is there a particular reason that you need to _compile_ elm?  If not,
then you can get the "elm-me+" package from the Debian 1.3 distribution
and use "dpkg -i elm-me+_*.deb" to install the package.

  jkern@klis.com   Jack Kern   Yarmouth, Nova Scotia   Debian GNU/Linux 2.0

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