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modem works now - but modem-computer comunication really slow

I am trying to connect a zoltrix 33600 modem to a hamm machine.
The modem is an internal modem running on ttyS3
I managed to get the modem dialing, only the comunication is really
slow. It takes 20-30 seconds to get the OK answear from the init
string (ATZ). Then the modem dials (minicom also takes the dial
command real slow). It then connects to the provider (used minicom and
also checkes with plog using pon). The inoput comes at about 30
seconds for half a line to load. I get the login and password promts
(only using minicom - pon hangs up before they apear) and after
connecting the modem hangs up in the middle of the coming from the
provider to start ppp connection.

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