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Using YARD to create boot floppies?

I'm trying to use YARD to create a boot/root floppy pair for
emergencies. The trouble is that I can't seem to get them to work and
I believe I'm missing something. The boot floppy works fine and
prompts me to insert the root floppy. That goes fine, i.e., it gets to
the login prompt. But at that point I'm stuck. The login "root", and
any login I try, yields the following message:

	login[12]: invalid password for `UNKNOWN' on tty1

Where is the "UNKNOWN" coming from?

I've checked and double checked to /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files
before the root floppy is created and everything looks fine. I've also 
copied /etc/login.defs and modified the CONSOLE line to look like

CONSOLE        console:tty1:tty2:tty3:tty4

with no success.

I suspect I'm missing some library necessary for /bin/login, or I'm
missing some security file somewhere.

Anyone have any ideas? Anyone ever used YARD before on a Debian
system? It wasn't packaged so I installed it from source.

Specifics: Debian 2.0 beta (everything is the latest available from
the "frozen" distribution).


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