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Re: Using YARD to create boot floppies?

Gary L.Hennigan <glhenni@cs.sandia.gov> writes:
| I'm trying to use YARD to create a boot/root floppy pair for
| emergencies. The trouble is that I can't seem to get them to work and
| I believe I'm missing something. The boot floppy works fine and
| prompts me to insert the root floppy. That goes fine, i.e., it gets to
| the login prompt. But at that point I'm stuck. The login "root", and
| any login I try, yields the following message:
| 	login[12]: invalid password for `UNKNOWN' on tty1

Thanks to a hint from another unsuccessful person trying to use YARD I
was able to narrow down my problem. Turns out it was PAM. After
reading the Bootdisk_Contents file I found a relevant discussion of
PAM under the RH 5.x section. I uncommented the lines to include the
necessary PAM files on the root floppy, adjusted them to fit the
Debian 2.0 distribution (Debian 2.0 had newer library versions and
used /usr/lib/security instead of /lib/security), and reran yard. When
I booted from the resulting floppy set everything came up without a
hitch and I was able to log in to my system without any trouble.

The only hitch was I couldn't get the root floppy under 1.44MB unless
I left out the /lib/modules/2.0.34/*/*.o files. Not a problem for me
since, to the best of my knowledge, I've included everything in the
kernel I need to do a restore from my SCSI tape and modify my disk
partition, e.g., ext2 and MSDOS/vfat support. Later I can just create
a utility floppy with the modules if I feel these files will be needed 
during a rescue operation.

If anyone else is interested in my Bootdisk_Contents file let me
know. If there's enough interest I'll post it to the list.


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